About Tower Tunes Live Concerts

The Mahanay Memorial Carillon will features live concerts daily beginning on Memorial Day weekend and each day from 12:15 – 12:30 p.m.

Live daily Tower Tunes Concerts feature each musician choosing their theme, genre or composer of the music played.  The calendar on this website will be updated with names.  Musicians will sign a guest book and pictures of each will be added to our Tower Tunes Live photo gallery.

The Mahanay Music Committee has been meeting to plan for these live concerts.  Members of the committee are Alan Greiner, Becky Greiner, Rick Morain, Bonnie Orris, Pat Richards, Sheri Sloan, Bill Monroe, Wendy Vander Linden, Don Van Gilder and Peg Raney.  They have been collecting contact information of potential musicians who are proficient in playing.  Students are welcome to be involved and should contact a piano teacher to make the contact.

If interested in being added to the list, please email the Mahanay Music Committee at mahanaybelltower@gmail.com with a phone and email address.

Musicians are signing up to play through a google calendar link that will be emailed.  Musicians are welcome to schedule a time to take a look at the keyboard and practice.  Musicians with 2 years of piano experience are encouraged to play.