Bell Tower Community Foundation

The Bell Tower Community Foundation was established in 1986 to promote and accept financial gifts to be used for the enhancement of the Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower.  The foundation is responsible for setting the hours of operation, admission charges, marketing and staffing.  The Greene County Chamber of Commerce promotes the Tower as a tourist attraction and economic stimulus for the area. The foundation works with the Greene County Board of Supervisors to determine maintenance needs.

Bell Tower Community Foundation Board of Directors – 2108

Carole Custer, President

Craig Berry, Vice-President

Peg Raney, Secretary

Bob Schwarzkopf, Treasurer

Jean Feldmann

Peter Bardole, Greene County Board of Supervisors

Tim Christensen, Greene County Community Schools

Nancy Gerken

Wendy Vander Linden

Don Van Gilder


Below is a list of the Bell Tower Community Foundation directors from 1983 to present.  Representatives of the Jefferson City Council, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Supervisors and Greene County Schools have served.

Jim Daubendiek, Fred Muth, Roger Lenz, Don Orris, Jan McDermott, Dick Crayne, Frank Tucker, Charlie Davis, Jed Magee, Doug Rieder, Sandy Ehrig, Darla Vander Platts, Doug Carman, Mabel Buzard, Peg Raney, Bill Monroe, Becky Greiner, Francis Cudahy, Tim Moerman, Larry Thomsen, Tom Yepsen, Keri Brooker, Linda Grunsted, Joss Walter, Lori Mannel, Doris Albrecht, Doug Pals, Dick Bentz, Dan Chargo, Shirley Hostetler, Alan Jensen, Sheryl Sloan, Delores Anderson, Carson Griffith, Bill Raney, Rolfe Blaess, Todd Madsen, Cathy Proctor, Elmer Eggimann, Amy Milligan, Jerry Roberts, Bob Owens, Mary Jane Fields, Jody Custer, Ken Paxton, Barb Walker, Amanda Chapman, Lisa Jaskey, Chris Henning, and Guy Richardson.